Adapted Reflextherapy

• If you suffer from recurring back, neck or shoulder pain it could be from a past injury that doesn't seem to heal. Or you may not even know when or how the damage happened. The pain and swelling flares up for days, sometimes weeks and all you can do is resort to painkillers and giving up the things that keep you fit, healthy and happy.

• At Align and Flow Reflexology, I offer treatments in Adapted Reflextherapy. This is a specialised technique developed by Physiotherapist Gunnel Berry, that focuses on treating spinal injury and whiplash. Its aim is to reduce pain and inflammation by accessing the original area of damage along the spine reflex on the foot. Often, injuries can happen to one area of the spine yet present pain in multiple areas such as the shoulder, lower back or neck.

If you want to know more about Adapted Reflextherapy and whether it is suitable for you, get in touch 👣🌿 @rosebankwellbeingcentre

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