The Align & Flow Journey is a fully tailored, bespoke reflexology treatment plan that is specifically developed for you. 


We believe that on-going reflexology treatment can have a profound impact on our mental and physical health, and so we recommend that for the best results our customers enter into a bespoke reflexology plan with us. 


Your journey will start with an initial consultation with your reflexologist to understand where you may require help. Reflexology can help aid better sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, improve digestion and boost your immune system. Following your consultation, Align & Flow will develop an on-going bespoke reflexology plan that directly addresses your individual needs.  

Your first reflexology session will form part of the consultation to better understand how your health or well being concerns. This session is incredibly important as your specific reflexology treatments thereafter will be informed by this. 




Initial Consultation: 75 minutes (Including treatment)


Consultation Price: £40-£55