The practice of modern Reflexology was coined and developed during the 1930s by an American Physical Therapist, Eunice Ingham (1889-1974), who is often referred to as 'the mother of modern reflexology'.

Ingham adapted Dr William Fitgerald's theory of "Zone Therapy" and developed Reflexology as I practice it today.

She discovered that by placing the ten zones of the body (zone therapy) onto the feet, you could then place all the organs and areas of the body of a specific zone, within the corresponding zone on the foot. This is how Ingham developed 'footmaps'.

"a principle of dividing the body into ten zones,
aiding us to locate the reflexes in the feet relative  to every part of the body." - Eunice Ingham

The fundamental concept of Reflexology is that the body's extremities - hands, feet and ears, are a microcosm, or mirror, of the body. Points on the feet reflect parts of the body, through applying pressure to these points we can aid the body to heal and regain homeostasis. The points are what I refer to as 'reflexes'.

As in ancient Chinese medicine and other therapies such as Acupuncture, Reflexology works on the belief that the body obtains an energy - a 'life force', that runs through it within channels or 'meridians'. When this energy or 'Chi' is blocked or congested it can reflect in illness or pain.
So it is important therefore, to enable energy to flow freely in order for the body and mind to remain balanced. 

During her years of research into Reflexology, Ingham also found that she was able to detect and feel crystal deposits within the feet, the deposits where found within certain reflexes therefore we could assume that this part of the body would be experiencing an imbalance. She found that by working away these deposits the body was aided to heal and recover.


'Put your feet together and you will see they are the same shape as your body'

Is Reflexology Safe?

I describe Reflexology as a preventative holistic therapy. Reflexology is a non-invasive and very comfortable treatment, it is widely used throughout the world for both acute and chronic health conditions - I have worked with clients to treat successfully a variety of health conditions ~ high blood pressure, stress and anxiety conditions, hormonal issues, throughout fertility processes and during maternity, spinal/skeletal and muscular pain and damage, migraines, chronic fatigue, stroke victims, night terrors, vertigo, lymphatic drainage.

If you're concerned about a current health issue, it is always advisable to speak to your general practitioner in the first instance. Reflexology can be used alongside other treatments as a complementary therapy.

However, as a fully qualified and insured reflexologist in Cheshire I provide a detailed consultation before any reflexology treatment to ease any concerns and tailor a bespoke reflexology treatment plan for you.