Reflexology has many benefits for those of us trying to start our family, and can aid you throughout maternity to preparing for birth. 

Align & Flow specialises in fertility and maternity reflexology treatments for mums to be and their partners too.


Fertility Treatments

Fertility reflexology treatments focus on couples trying to start their own family. After a bespoke consultation, I will focus on the key areas for mum and dad to help promote a healthier reproductive system. Deeply relaxing, fertility reflexology can ease stress and anxiety, helping you on your journey through to pregnancy and beyond.


Maternity Treatments 

Reflexology is a non-invasive, safe and effective in treating pregnant women. It can help to relieve oedema (water retention around ankles and legs), bring high blood pressure down, ease indigestion as well as back pain. Reflexology during pregnancy is extremely relaxing not only for mothers-to-be, but for their babies too.



Fertility Treatment Time: 60 minutes each (Including consultation)


Fertility Treatment Price: £43-£55
£79 (for both partners)

Maternity Treatment Time: 75 minutes (Including consultation)


Maternity Treatment Price: £43-£55