Hello, I'm Zoe.

Reflexology has been a crucial part of my life and health for many years. 

Since my father became severely unwell with a chronic cardiovascular disease when I was young, I longed to be able help him and find ways to relieve his symptoms.

This is when I developed a deep interest in holistic therapy.
I now use reflexology on my father to help regulate his blood pressure and reduce stress and have achieved amazing results; there are so many benefits of reflexology.

Before the birth of my first daughter, feeling hopeless after several years of symptoms relating to PCOS and endometriosis I turned to reflexology. Unaware of it's power I soon became pregnant and went on to use it successfully, throughout my pregnancy and even during labour. 

I have a strong belief that the mind can impact on the body in many ways. I believe strongly in the power of reflexology and want to be able help others positively, through my treatments, as I have myself and my family.