Tonight I had a LONG over due soak in a hot bath. 🛀

Taking a hot bath, stealing an early night, looking after your skin or making sure you actually meet your daily water intake. Things we do to "take better care" of ourselves ~ self care.

But what about YOU? What are your needs specifically. Lately I've been trying to limit what I say yes to. It's something I've talked about before, because im continuing to learn.

Self care isn't just about making sure you're healthy and feel healthy, it's actually about valuing yourself. Your needs and emotions aren't just niggles or nuances, they're important.

Try listening to your inner voice like she/he is your best friend and responding to it with the same support as you would give to your best friend, surely this is the best form of self care... and it lasts a bit longer than a hot bath.

💫 Is there an act of self care you want exercise over the next month?


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