Happy Earthday!

Things have been quiet on the reflexology front recently, I've been adjusting to life in lockdown - like everyone else.

My business, which was only just sprouting it's wings anyway, had to come to a standstill, no more treatments but more importantly no more of seeing and helping my clients - which is what I love most. It's been one of those times when you have to practice what your preach! I have been in great need of some self care, meditation, mindfulness and a way to keep normality and calm while our whole world has been turned on it's side. Home-schooling has been... interesting, and has brought with it it's very own pack full of obstacles. So, it has been essential for me to find solace in other tasks. Jobs that have been put on the back burner because life is just TOO BUSY for a loooong time. My garden is one of those jobs. I love my garden, its beautiful in a rustic sort of way and it has needed my attention for too long. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and have always made a go of restoring and nurturing it I just don't have the time it needs to become complete. Yesterday I spent some much needed time nurturing my little patch of earth, weeding, planting shrubs, making way for new life to flourish. Unbeknown to me yesterday marked international Earthday 2020 and in a funny stroke of fate I was knee deep in my earth. For some reason this gave me the peace of mind I needed, it was like the Earth had given me a huge hug. It reminded me that we can work so hard to get where we want in our career or personal life - however, there a powers stronger than us that are there to help us and more importantly need our care and nurture back. Putting trust in the process and becoming part of it can have magnificent outcomes.

Maybe during this worldwide pandemic we, as humans, will finally find time to pause and reflect on the gifts we already have. Could this be the time for things to take a U-turn in how we treat our planet, function in our careers and personal lives, begin to question our society... perhaps even change how we view these relationships and choices? I hope so.

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