Let's talk women's health!

What do I mean by saying I treat or am passionate about supporting women's health? What does it cover and why not just "physical health"?

Well, I'm refering to anything that relates to the functioning of your bodies reproductive system/organs and how the ease of the system's functions impacts on your physical and emotional state.

This could cover ~

• hormone levels and how your body is responding to hormones/metabolism/digestive issues/sleep deprivation or disruption

• periods ~ pain management/stress/bloating/emotional state

• endometriosis


• thyroid levels

• menopause

• fertility ~ supporting you while trying to get pregnant or monitoring ovulation

• pregnancy

• any issues relating to the reproductive organs & system or area of the body that could be connected ~ breasts/pelvic floor/ovaries/uterus/stomach/pelvis/lower back

Lots of women get to know their body through their menstrual cycle. How they feel physically, when they experience bloating, inflammation, pain, how their metabolism and sex drive is affected and how they feel emotionally/how their mood is affected or how they cope with day to day life.

The ability to continue to cope while managing these symptoms can be the tricky bit!

That's were a natural 🌿 complementary therapy such as Reflexology could come in. Reflexology is all about balance - bringing the body|mind|soul inine with one another, helping the body find homeostasis to ease optimal function of the body and in turn strengthening the mind and emotional state.

There's so much more to cover, I could literally talk all day. If any of this doesn't make sense to you 🤔 or if it has highlighted an area you may need to focus on, stay intune for more info on this topic and Reflexology approaches, OR get in touch for a chat with me.







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