The Gift of Reflexology

Now that the John Lewis advertisement has officially landed in the UK, it feels like Christmas is well and truly underway. But for many of us, Christmas can feel like a stressful time. Here, we discuss how reflexology treatment can help lift our Christmas spirit.

Making Time for You

If you're anything like me, you'll no doubt be thinking of family and friends over the Christmas period; from what special gift they'd appreciate, to how you're going to convince that savvy two-year-old that Santa has somehow managed to squeeze himself down your (non-existent) chimney!

But when do you get time to think about you?

If you're reading this and the answer is 'never', then perhaps we need to address that. Our hectic lifestyles can often have a negative affect on our mental and physical well-being, and without taking some time out to focus on our own health, it's easy to see how the darker nights and colder weather can make us feel low and perhaps a little bit more stressed than usual.

But don't worry - it's completely normal and there's a valid reason why you may be feeling like this. It's long been proven that any tension in your feet or your hands can quickly affect other areas of your body. From your bones and tissue through to nerves, tendons and even your emotions.

This is why many people look to reflexology to help ease tension and promote better health.

Our feet have over 7,000 nerve endings that directly connect to every organ and system without our body. By focusing on our feet with gentle pressure, we can stimulate the nervous system and open up energy pathways that may otherwise be blocked.

Here at Align & Flow, we aim to help you restore natural balance and improve general well-being with our range of reflexology treatments in Northwich. From individual treatments through to complete reflexology treatment courses, we're here to help.

Reflexology is the ideal gift you can give to yourself this Christmas to help you to be the best version of you throughout all the festivities.

Book your treatment with Align & Flow today. Click here to book online or give us a call on 07821214883.

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