Earlier this year I made all sorts of plans for this week, to spread the word about this wonderful therapy. It's unfortunate that I won't be doing of any of them, although I'm grateful to be helping so many lovely clients instead.

What better way to celebrate & find out more about Reflexology than with a treatment!?

What is Reflexology anyway?

It's a holistic therapy, that's non-invasive & completely natural.🌿 Reflexology encourages healing within the body and mind, bringing you back to physical & emotional balance.

Have you ever heard of "Chi" or a "vital energy"? Ancient Chinese Medicine believes that we all have an "energy" or "life force" within us, running up & down our bodies. Everyday life/stress/emotional or physical experiences can affect this energy, interrupting it's flow.

This energy runs through the body in pathways called meridians & they end at our extremities (feet/hands/ears).

Reflexologists believe that the body is represented on these extremities in 'reflex points', presenting a microcosm map of the body. By massaging reflex points that represent each part of the body, we can encourage the natural flow of energy via the meridians, aiding each area we treat or "work" to heal.


Don't worry, there's more information on my website ( & it's all explained during your first treatment/consultation with me.

Please get in touch if you want to book an appointment or know more.

Align and Flow Reflexology ~ Helping you to restore your natural balance 👣🌿

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