World Mental Health Week 2020

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

There's a reason I do what I do now, there's the story I tell people which is completely true. "I came to Reflexology through pregnancy and wanting to be pregnant, women issues".

But underneath there's a bigger journey and a more painful 'why'.

I came to holistic therapies a long time ago, on my own when I was a teen. I've had anxiety from about the age of ten. I would tell myself I think too much or hurt too easily, or I notice things and they make me worry... For days/weeks/months even. So I started to dig around, speak to people, read articles in magazines to figure out what was "wrong with me". I quickly decided I suffered with depression. I had a happy childhood, stuff happened but nothing that could provide a reason - I thought it was just my make-up. Back then I was researching but just didn't realise it. From this digging around I found ways to help myself ~ Counselling, talking, breathing, exercise and then onto nutrition, massage and on it went throughout my childhood, teens and 20s. I eventually sat on a few things that worked💡not one eureka moment but dozens. Looking at me holistically was what really changed things.

My mind and my body work in tandem. One effects the other & seeing them as organic & natural, helped when I had a thought/emotional response or physical response that seemed weak or problematic. I now didn't need to blame myself I could help myself work through it.

There are so many complementary therapies that can support us in this way & so much more awareness around mental health today that I want & hope will help young (or old) people struggling internally. To know it's OK. To hear that there are people who don't even know you, that want you to be ok, to help you.

That's why WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY 2020 is important to me and what I do as a therapist. Supporting you physically and emotionally.

Take care,

Zoë 👣

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