Welcoming a new chapter 💫

It's been an intense week - lots of parents to younger ones at school may empathise with having to make the decision whether your child will be going back to school on June 1st. It hasn't been an easy one for us, as I'm sure for many of you. I'm hopeful we can maintain united and supportive of one another as parents or carers, teachers, key workers and get through this testing time 🙏

This week has also seen the end of my previous job, the ending of such an important time in my life before becoming a reflexologist. Life is full of decisions and we can never be truly certain we're making the right ones. So, it's with a heart full of trust and a mind full of positivity that I'm stepping into my new phase.

Sending good luck and love to anyone else who might need it this week too 😉



"Every day is a new beginning, take a deep breath and start again" - Buddha.



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Stay strong 🙏🏻 even when it feels too hard #selflove #selfcare #holistichealth #holisticlife #complementarytherapies #alignandflowreflexology #reflexology #reflexologycheshire #einsteinquotes #mindb

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