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At the beginning of going into 'lockdown' I saw so many things floating about social media pushing the idea of -- "if you don't come out of this with a novel..." OR -- "Now is your chance to focus on your fitness/health/career U-turn..." 😭

I fell victim to allowing this concept to drive me through the past couple of months. It was my knee-jerk reaction to compile a long list of things I wanted to ACHIEVE during this "unprecedented" time that "we'll never get back" 😩 this only set myself up to feeling failure, which is a debilitating emotion.

I quickly learnt, as I'm sure many of you did too, it's near impossible to reinvent yourself or start a new project when you're still working/homeschooling/ have been made redundant and are looking for work! Whatever situation you've been catapulted into, through no choice of your own. I'm glad to see these negative messages have started to drift away from the social media I view lately.~~ It's unrealistic and unfair to place pressure on yourself to achieve something you couldn't before this even happened ~ for me lockdown has been a blessing AND a trauma. I've found it difficult to maneuver through. SO, I've made the decision to ditch my to do list and simply maintain my life, giving focus to the work I NEED to focus on and the putting emphasis on the things I WANT to, things that make me feel some gratitude and joy for the life I have. .



✨ Don't put undue pressure on yourself to COMPLETE projects you've started during lockdown

✨ Be realistic of your goals and expectations ✨ Remember, life will continue to change through and after your time in isolation

✨ Be KIND to yourself inside and out




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