It's very common to have ticklish feet and no surprise really, with over 7,000 nerve endings in each foot! It's probably the most popular reason why people opt OUT of having Reflexology. They're worried someone touching their sensitive feet will have them giggling in the chair. Every person I have treated who has said they suffer from ticklish feet, have forgotten all about it by a few minutes into their treatment. Reflexology is NOT just a foot massage. During your treatment your Reflexologist will be accessing reflex points on both the dorsal (top), plantar (base) & sides of the feet. Gentle but direct pressure will be made using thumbs and fingers to locate and work each reflex point. I promise you it's not ticklish in any way - the more direct and firm the pressure is, the least ticklish it will feel. • What to know more? Contact me for further information on what is involved during a Reflexology treatment. • FB @rosebankwellbeingcentre @alignandflowreflexology

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