June is here

Hello June ~ here are some reasons I love you.

• my daughter's birthday

• summer breaks

• wild flowers

• light evenings

A little list of things I'm grateful for keeps grounded and gives the lift of encouragement I need to keep going.

I've been quiet on social media for the past couple of months. I chose to give myself a mental rest. While social media is great for promotion and keeping connected with clients past and future, it can eat into your personal time, creap thoughts of doubt and comparison into your mind and you can't always tell if it's working ~ so, every so often I find I need to remember why I do it and figure out if it's worth it!

Safe to say I'm here again and feeling a little fresher for the break and looking forward to what June has in sight for me!

• An almost full clinic

• The exciting chance to spread my practice's wings 🦋

• And lots of family time!




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