Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 🥳

I'm late to the party, it's not unusual for me but this time it's not due to leaving late!

I don't know about you but, I've been on the edge of my seat waiting to hear if there'll be a last min U-turn announcement from the gover't this weekend. But hey-ho, the kids went back to school as planned today. I have mixed feelings about it! I'm trying to remain trusting & sure they're in a safe environment & it's the best thing for them. We can only do our best at each step we take.

Living in a tier 4 area means I sadly can't resume treatments this week 😓 however, I feel this is presently the safest thing for my clients, family & myself. I know I'm not the only that's been troubled by the latest news on the pandemic and it's definitely altered my focus this past week.

Enough of the dreaded "c" word! The other reason I've held off posting is, I've been struggling badly with congested sinuses. It's the bane of my life & has been for a looooong time. As we're well into the season of colds & viruses I'm sharing some tips on what I do to help my symptoms. If you suffer from recurring sinusitis Reflexology could help alleviate your symptoms of pain, inflammation and help get fluids moving in the body.

Heres what I've been doing recently which has offered so much relief.

• drinking herbal teas infused with ginger, lemon and honey. Have it hot and let the steam soak up into your face

• burning essential oils around the house. I've been using eucalyptus, peppermint, Clary sage and lavender.

• taking hot baths while burning previous oils 👆 emphasis on the hot so you get a nice steam to breathe in

• massaging eucalyptus oil (mixed with a carrier oil) to the forehead, around the nose and cheekbones to help the mucus dislodge and drain easier. Generally massaging your face with oil helps too, I also use almond and rosehip.

• investing in an air purifier. I've only just bought one so I'll let you know how it works out. 🙏🏻

• eating plenty of onion, garlic (broths & stews are great, but also having them raw) & adding ginger to cooking

Take care 🌿

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