Our adrenal glands are responsible for regulating our metabolism, immune system and blood pressure. So, it proves to be a pretty useful reflex!👌 In terms of reflexology, accessing your adrenal gland on each hand (as shown on my diagram) encourages natural balance of the vital energy within the gland, helping to ease the flow of function. This could be useful for hormonal imbalances that may be harder to manage during lockdown or how your body is responding to stress (eg; hypertension, tension headaches, an increase in appetite or a change in how your body responds to food)

*A fully qualified reflexologist can work with you to tailor treatments targeting an array of issues related to the adrenal glands. I find it to be one of the most treated and effective reflexes for many common issues.

By pressing on the reflex, on the soft tissue in between the bottom of the thumb and palm, until you feel a slight discomfort - you can help your body address such issues. . . While you're at home, I hope you find this simple technique helpful ~

• Press down onto the area with the thumb of your opposite hand until it feels tender, but not painful. • Pulse on the reflex (press into and relax without moving away from the skin) • Hold the thumb on reflex, apply a firm pressure until it feels warm, gently move away.


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